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Frequently Asked Questions


How quickly can we get a delivery?

Delivery times – we’re fast!

Often its within a few hours (Same day delivery if orders are placed before 11am (Mon Fri).

We always work hard to ensure fast and timely deliveries for your supplies here in South East Queensland.

Do you deliver on Saturday?

Do you delivery on a Saturday?

Yes we do, for a Saturday delivery we do require orders on a Friday.

We understand the industry and know a lot of work gets done on a Saturday. You need your sand, soil, gravel and more when you need it – not whenever is convenient for the supplier.

So we’re here for you. Here on a Saturday.

As you might image, deliveries on a Saturday take some omore organising, so we ask you let us know on Friday about any Saturday deliveries.

Hope we can assist you soon. Call us direct on 0410 352 180 and we’ll get you sorted fast with the right supplies.

What if we need an order to arrive on a Sunday or overnight truck hire?

Sunday delivery possible?

Ask us we will certainly endeavour to make it happen.

What if I need to have builders waste/sand to be removed?

Builders waste or sand removal – possible?

Yes, TC Tippers can find the most economical place to dispose of your waste. This is not limited to  Acid Sulphate Soil, builders waste, logs, concrete and even old boats!

What areas do you cover?

The areas we cover

We cover most of SEQ, Northern NSW, and we always looking to expand. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements.