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Road Base

Road Base Suppliers South East Queensland & Northern NSW

We supply a variety of road base materials, from the very basic scalps to certified virgin rock roadbase. This product is a graded material and consists of different sized aggregates from coarse to fine thus enabling it to compact well.

This product has a multitude of uses, not limited to the following examples. Under slab material, driveways, road and pavement construction, foot paths, basic access tracks and hard stand areas.

We can supply the following grades of roadbase in either recycled material or virgin rock. If you have a requirement different to what is listed please give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will be more than happy to source it.

  • Scalps
  • Roadbase CBR15 2.5
  • Roadbase CBR45 2.3
  • Roadbase CBR80 2.1