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Sand Gold Coast & Beyond Suppliers

Fill Sand:

Unscreened sand, can contain organics, large rock. Used for filling big holes.

Bedding Sand:

Course sand with a maximum particle size of 30mm, used for back filling.

Double Washed Fine Sand:

An excellent double washed fine sand for concrete and mortar joint applications. This sand can also be used as a top dressing for lawns or sporting fields that can be used on its own or blended with fertilizers to create a free draining top dress.


Plasterers Sand:

This creamy off white/yellow sand is a fine grade sand that is suitable for solid plastering/rendering of all brick and block walls creating a surface that is smooth and free of coffee rock or impurities to help eliminate bleeding once the surface has been primed and painted.

Brickies Loam:

The preferred sand of bricklayers and an ideal sand for general brickies applications. This loamĀ is renowned for its consistency to ensure hassle free application.

Colonial Brickies Loam/Block Sand:

Used by block layers, this product is sharper than the normal brickies loam but still has all the qualities of a loam to give you a great finish

Transport and Main Road Spec Sand:

Sand approved for use on roads. Carries certification.

Bio Retention media:

We can supply bio retention media that meets all the requirements laid out by FAWB, WSUD and Healthy Waterways.

Playground Soft Fall Sand:

Soft Fall Sand is specifically manufactured for use in playgrounds and has been independently certified to meet the Australian Standard for Playground Under surfacing Material AS4422:1996 (to a height of three metres).

Ballina white sand:

The whitest sand available in Qld.

Green and Tan (Tennis, Golf):

This sand is kiln dried and then passed through a series of sieves to produce a sand that is graded from 1mm and smaller. In addition to anchoring the grass, it effectively penetrates the surface to provide enhanced support and protection against damage.