Mulch is the perfect addition to any green space that forms part of your DIY or large construction project. Apart from adding a decorative touch to your garden, play area or public park, a layer of mulch on top of your soil helps to reduce the amount of water that evaporates during the hotter months, improves the health of the soil by providing extra nutrients and, makes it more difficult for those pesky weeds to grow. We provide a variety of mulch for both private and commercial spaces. 

From double ground mulch that is ideal for the garden, and budget mulch, perfect for large embankments, to tea tree mulch with its high quality nutrients, we have a mulch product to suit your budget and your green space. Whether it’s purely decorative mulch to finish off your renovated flower beds, or larger bark mulch to inspire new growth and healthy soil in a shared public garden, browse our bulk mulch supplies to be delivered to your door.

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