We provide washed and bedding sand to suit a variety of your landscaping or construction needs. Washed sand has been washed and graded to remove dust and contaminants, and is suited to main road application, but it is also suitable for various other applications such as lawn care, concreting and mortar mix. Washed sand increases the quality of mortar, but also reduces costs as you need less of it to obtain the amount required to get the job done well.

Bedding sand however is suitable for application around pipe bases, as an underslab layer, fill or any non-specified sand applications. It is most commonly used when laying paving, or patio stones. Bedding sand is important when paving a surface as it creates a level and strong finish for the paving stones to be placed upon, and ultimately a solid finish for your project. Browse our sand supplies to find the right fit for your project and budget.

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