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Browse our full range of bulk quarry products and landscaping materials to suit your project needs. We offer products for private and civil works use, from sand, soil, gravel and road base, to mulch and even decorative stone.

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We source and supply a full range of crushed gravel products, from larger drainage gravel, made from predominantly crushed concrete and brick, to smaller drainage gravel made from blue metal rock, and even quarry dust, to suit all your DIY or large-scale project needs. Whether you’re looking for a heavy duty gravel product to sustain your drainage systems, medium-sized gravel as part of a decorative gravel feature, or dust, to use as bedding material under slabs, driveways and pathways, we source bulk gravel materials to be delivered right to your door. As an important element of any landscaping or construction project, you can rely on us for any gravel needs your project requires and budget allows. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with us and we can source just the gravel product you need to get your project off to the best start.


We provide washed and bedding sand to suit a variety of your landscaping or construction needs. Washed sand has been washed and graded to remove dust and contaminants, and is suited to main road application, but it is also suitable for various other applications such as lawn care, concreting and mortar mix. Washed sand increases the quality of mortar, but also reduces costs as you need less of it to obtain the amount required to get the job done well. Bedding sand however is suitable for application around pipe bases, as an underslab layer, fill or any non-specified sand applications. It is most commonly used when laying paving, or patio stones. Bedding sand is important when paving a surface as it creates a level and strong finish for the paving stones to be placed upon, and ultimately a solid finish for your project. Browse our sand supplies to find the right fit for your project and budget.

Road base

Used as a solid foundation for the construction of main roads and driveways, browse our road base gravel products to find the right fit for the project at hand. Made using blue metal, our road base varieties offer a highly compactable and solid resource, whatever your construction needs may be. The road base is one of the most important layers in the paving process as it provides strength, and the ability of the surface you construct, to bear heavy loads.

Whether you’re building a new driveway in your private home, or constructing a new road as part of a development project that is forecast to see a lot of traffic, you’ll find the right road base materials here to get the job done right. If you can’t find the size or variety you’re looking for, contact us and our team will source what you’re looking for, and have it delivered.


Mulch is the perfect addition to any green space that forms part of your DIY or large construction project. Apart from adding a decorative touch to your garden, play area or public park, a layer of mulch on top of your soil helps to reduce the amount of water that evaporates during the hotter months, improves the health of the soil by providing extra nutrients and, makes it more difficult for those pesky weeds to grow. We provide a variety of mulch for both private and commercial spaces. From double ground mulch that is ideal for the garden, and budget mulch, perfect for large embankments, to tea tree mulch with its high quality nutrients, we have a mulch product to suit your budget and your green space. Whether it’s purely decorative mulch to finish off your renovated flower beds, or larger bark mulch to inspire new growth and healthy soil in a shared public garden, browse our bulk mulch supplies to be delivered to your door.


Give your veggies, plants, trees and flowers the best start in your new or refurbished green space with our variety of nutrient-rich landscaping soils, designed for optimal aeration and drainage. From our premium organic soil perfect for flowers and veggies, and our soil garden mix full of all the necessary nutrients for your home or public garden, to under-turf soil created as the ultimate layer underneath any turf application, we have a soil variety to suit your garden needs and budget. Our soil supplies are available in bulk, for home or commercial delivery, and offer the perfect amount of nutrients and moisture for all your plants’ needs. If you are unsure which soil is best for your green space, or how much to buy for the area you’re working in, get in touch and our friendly team can advise you on what your outdoor space will need to be its best.

Equipment Hire

TC Tippers equipment machinery hire offers a comprehensive solution for various construction and transportation needs. Specialicing in tipper trucks, our equipment rental services provide efficient and reliable vehicles to facilitate the movement of materials on construction sites or for transporting goods from one location to another. With a fleet of well-maintained tippers and a commitment to exceptional customer service, TC Tippers equipment machinery hire ensures that our clients can complete their projects with ease and efficiency, making us a preferred choice for businesses in need of reliable and high-quality equipment rental services.